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Are you looking for a cover designer for your sci-fi or fantasy novel? Check out the list below!

Please note, I am not affiliated with any of these designers. Check their websites for up-to-date information on their rates and services.

Adriatica Creation

Services: Premade covers (~$300); custom cover ($300+)

About (from the website): “Adrijana Cernic is a digital artist and professional book cover designer, from Croatia, Europe. Influenced by comic books, movies, and video games, Adrijana creates unique, original, artistic, and cinematic book covers enriched with colors, shadows, and lights. Her covers adorn books by many bestselling authors worldwide. She is extremely proud of the covers created for the Croatian edition of Stephen and Owen King’s “Sleeping Beauties”, and Leigh Bardugo‘s “Six of Crows” & “Crooked Kingdom”.”

Amalia Chitulescu

Services: E-book cover; paperback cover; audiobook cover; hardback cover; box set design; social media ads; bookmarks; chapter headers (contact for quote)

About (from the website): “Amalia Iuliana Chitulescu (born March 18, 1994), is a digital artist from Câmpina, Romania. … Every piece of art from her gallery is the telling of a secret, as her unique interpretations of the dream world reveal a myth, a fairy tale, and creatures from our distant past. Amalgamating extremist concepts, her unique technique renders a new, utterly unique story as only she can tell it.”

Bestselling Covers

Services: E-book + print cover; dust jacket; hardcover; audio book (contact for quote)

About (from the website): “My name is David Gardias, the creative mind behind I’m a digital and 3D artist based in London, with over a decade of experience in Photoshop software and Social Media marketing. With today’s world so obsessed with Netflix and films I established cinematographic-style book covers that convert excellently among Gen Z & Millennial readers. I specialize in Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi.”

Bookfly Design

Services: E-book cover ($649); e-book + print cover ($799)

About (from the website): “Bookfly Design is a small studio on the Oregon coast dedicated to helping indie authors self-publish with success. We love books, and our mission is to help your work reach the audience it deserves.”

Cover Dungeon Rabbit

Services: E-book + paperback cover ($849+); dust jacket ($100); hardcover ($80); audiobook cover ($80)

About: “Franziska Stern (aka @coverdungeonrabbit) is a Senior Freelance Designer specializing in Fantasy Book Cover Design. In the digital art process, she creates artworks mixed of any materials (textures, stock images, 3D elements, illustrated elements, drawing, and photography).”

Covers by Jules

Services: Premade covers ($150); custom e-book cover ($300); paperback cover add-on ($50); hardcover add-on ($60); dust jacket add-on ($90); audiobook cover add-on ($50); promo graphics (contact for quote)

About (from the website): “Hi! I’m Jules. I’m a self-taught book cover designer. I’ve been in the field since 2016. I do custom commissions and premade designs. I enjoy creating book covers under fantasy, dark romance, contemporary romance, and paranormal. I specialize in object and discreet book covers!”


Services: E-book cover (starting at $645); print; interior formatting (see website for pricing)

About (from the website): “Founded by Damon Freeman in 2012 as nothing more than a side project, Damonza has since grown into a trailblazer in book cover design, formatting and marketing. Having built an incredibly talented and passionate team, Damonza has produced thousands of book covers for a multitude of authors since its foundation, including many New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.”

Enchanted Ink Publishing

Services: E-book cover ($500); hardcover dust jacket add-on ($60); hardcover case laminate add-on ($45); additional cover design adaptations add-on ($45); audiobook cover add-on ($40); title page add-on ($15); promo package add-on ($175)

About (from the website): “From composition to fully customized artwork, our cover designer can do it all. Due to the nature of art and design, our prices are on a sliding scale. Typographical covers and vector covers will be on the lower end of the scale, while covers that require character design and full illustration will be on the higher end.”

Fantastical Ink

Services: Premade covers (120€+); custom e-book cover (450–480€); paperback add-on (45€); hard cover add-on (45€); audiobook cover add-on (45€); promotional materials (15€+)

About (from the website): “Fantastical Ink offers professional book cover designs, both custom and premade book covers with a magical touch for genres such as YA and adult fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, and more. I specialize in object and typography based as well as illustrated covers.”

Fay Lane

Services: E-book cover ($230); paperback softcover ($265); hardcover ($265); case laminate + dust jacket ($280); audiobook ($90); premade cover ($170)

About (from the website): “A lifelong visual artist, I began designing covers in 2017, and have since built my business as part of the flourishing writing community through working with dozens of indie authors and small presses. Utilizing vibrant design, strong typography & striking symbolism, I love working with my clients to bring their books to life. In my free time I am a bookwyrm, errant scribbler of doodles and slave to a clamorous clowder of cats.”

J Caleb Design

Services: E-book cover ($700); E-book cover + one additional formatting—paperback, audio, or hardcover ($1200); media package ($150)

About: “I make badass covers for badass stories. Full of grit and storytelling, my work is geared to instantly capture a reader’s attention. Using 3-d modeling software combined with digital painting, my fully custom creations play with perspective and scale in a way few other covers in the industry do.”

Jeff Brown Graphics

Services: E-book + paperback + hardcover + audiobook cover ($2000)

About: “When I create artwork, I feel like I am doing what I was born to do. The focus of my artwork has always been to inspire awe. I love working in genres that don’t exist, specifically science fiction and fantasy, because in these genres I can create anything imaginable.”

Josh Tufts

Services: Illustration and design (contact for quote)

About (from the website): “Professional designer and Illustrator, Josh Tufts is a commercial artist living in Ohio. … His work has merited inclusion into Spectrum 25 The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, as well as being featured in the 2018 Spring Gallery by the Ohio Art League. When Josh is not working, you will find him composing music, baking, and spoiling his dog.”

Just Venture Arts

Services: Premade covers ($129–$299); custom covers (contact for quote)

About: A designer with a vast collection of premades available each month. New covers every 10th of the month.

Krafigs Design

Services: Premade covers ($210+); custom e-book covers ($320+); paperback cover add-on ($70); hardcover cover add-on ($70); dust jacket add-on ($80); audiobook cover add-on ($40)

About (from the website): “Hi! This is Krafigs Design, a design space led by book cover designers Joan & Lyn. We are dedicated to helping self-published authors (or indie authors) bring their ideal book cover to life! We help authors create visually-appealing book cover design that highlights their stories, genres, styles and personalities. At the end of the day, we want our authors to own a book cover that they are proud of when they showcase their hard work to the world.”

Lance Buckley

Services: simple cover ($750); complex cover ($950); interior design ($550+)

About (from the website): “I work one-on-one with authors and publishers from concept to creation with the goal of designing a unique and marketable book cover that will attract readers while staying true to the tone and content of the book.”

Maria Spada

Services: E-book cover ($180); E-book + print ($200); author logo ($100); bookmarks ($30); audiobook cover ($25)

About (from the website): “In the mid ’10s I landed a job at a publishing company and earned valuable experience in book cover design as well as advertising and print and have since then created (and re-created) hundreds of book covers for authors of different genres, including USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers. I am dedicated to help indie authors by providing quality yet affordable book cover design that will help reach and captivate its target readers.”


Services: E-book cover ($150); E-book + print cover ($200); Premium cover ($700)

About (from the website): “Our team believes that book cover design can look professional without costing you a fortune. There are so many stories in this world worth telling. Let us make sure yours gets the attention it deserves.”

Mirella Santana

Services: E-book and print covers (contact for quote)

About (from the website): “Hi, I’m Mirella Santana, a freelance artist based in Bahia, Brazil. Specializing in creating cinematographic arts. I have worked for various independent publishers and best sellers authors. I also work for photographers from around the world, creating manipulations with all thematic (fantasy, dark, sci-fi, romance, glamorous, classic style… etc).”

Miss Nat Mack Studio

Services: E-book and print covers; interior formatting and design (£995+)

About (from the website): “For the past four years, I’ve been art directing and designing book covers for all kinds of books – in-universe, fantasy, horror, up-an-comings, thriller, crime, comic revivals, art-of-film, etc – but I have a personal soft spot for YA and Fantasy. Before I became a book designer, I studied Marketing and Communications and Graphic Design and Illustration. Upon obtaining a degree in both fields I went back to complete my Masters in Publishing with UAL in London, UK.”

Rock Solid Book Design

Services: Premade covers ($250–$500); classic e-book cover ($400); print add-on ($100); audio add-on ($40); illustrated e-book cover ($950); interior design ($330–$650); book trailers ($650–$1950); map design ($650); promo materials ($50–$75)

About (from the Facebook group description): “Hello and welcome! I am Mallory Rock. I create premade and custom book covers for authors across many genres. I also offer many other author related design services like eBook and print formatting, cinematic book trailers, custom illustrations, custom world maps, and more!”

Secret Dartiste

Services: Premade covers ($210–$325); e-book cover ($500); paperback add-on cover ($70); e-book + paperback + art ($799)

About (from the website): “I am Evelyne, a book cover artist from Belgium (Europe). … My focus, inspiration, and specialties are mostly characters in fantasy genres such as but not limited to fairytale retellings, warriors, witches, mermaids, reapers and much more. Besides regular fantasy, I love designing wuxia and xianxia covers for the Asian Fantasy genre. And more over, I love everything with dragons… I LOVE DRAGONS!!”

Selkkie Designs

Services: Premade covers ($160–$180 + $40 for paperback); e-book cover ($180–$240); paperback/hardback ($40); non-commercial graphics ($70–$120); digital art/character/scene ($150–$250)

About (from the website): “Hello! My name is Oana Alexandra, but most people call me Lexie or Lex. I am a freelance self-thought digital artist. My expertise includes digital and traditional-publishing book cover arts as well as creative dark themed photomanipulations. I am also enjoying making maps, illustrations and social media promotional content. I love working with fantasy, sci-fi and thriller genres, but I can quickly adapt to lighter concepts, like romance, drama or historic.”

SeventhStar Art

Services: E-book cover ($400); e-book + paperback cover ($450); e-book + paperback + hardback cover ($550); promotional materials ($35+); audiobook cover add-on ($75)

About (from the website): “Malaysia-based Stefanie has always been fascinated by art. … Her areas of expertise include ‘traditional-publishing’ styled covers, epic photomanipulations, as well as dark-themed landscape art. Every piece that she creates comes from the depths of her soul; a secret within a secret, and not one is the same. Being a big fan of both the gaming and epic music industry, her passion for conceptual art will never be satiated, and she continues to seek improvement in her craft.”

Story Wrappers

Services: E-book cover ($1500); media branding bundle add-on ($400); dust jacket add-on ($150); hardback and paperback add-on ($100); audiobook add-on ($50)

About (from the website): “K.D. Ritchie is a best-selling book cover designer for indie authors and publishers, with custom cover designs in fantasy. Their work as a book cover designer creates character art featuring: fairy-tale, fae, female warrior, sorceress, witch, mythology, and retelling themes.”

We Got You Covered

Services: Premade covers ($100–$150+); custom e-book cover ($250); custom e-book + paperback cover ($300); audiobook cover ($50); social media banner ($35); bookmark ($35)

About (from the website): “We Got You Covered Book Design specializes in book covers and interior design, bringing quality products to authors at affordable prices. Offering unique work in all genres as well as additional services such as branding and website design, We Got You Covered aims to make the publishing process easy by being a one-stop shop for all your book-related needs.”

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