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Making Myths and Magic

A Field Guide to Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels

Do you daydream about dragons, robots, and time-traveling shenanigans?

It's time to get that fantastic world that's been stuck in your head onto paper! Whether you're starting your first or tenth novel, Making Myths and Magic was written for you.

Fantasy author Shelly Campbell and developmental editor Allison Alexander have teamed up to provide a comprehensive resource, distilling the information they've learned from years in the publishing industry. To keep you inspired and engaged as you grow in your craft, they take a deep dive through science fiction novels, movies, and TV shows. Within these pages, you'll learn how to tackle structure, dialogue, tropes, mythology, magic systems, languages, and more.


978-1-7781943-1-3 (softcover)

978-1-7781943-2-0 (e-book)


Phoenix Quill Press

Publication Date

Feb 18, 2022


Nonfiction, Writing

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