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Book Editor Directory

Are you looking for an editor for your sci-fi or fantasy novel? Check out the list below. If you're not sure what type of editing you're looking for, this article explains the differences. 

Please note, I'm not affiliated with any of these editors (besides myself, of course!). I recommend you request a sample edit before hiring to see if you're a good fit for each other. Check the editors' individual websites for more information about their services.

PB = Picture Book | MG = Middle Grade | YA = Young Adult | NA = New Adult | A = Adult

Allison Alexander

Services: Manuscript Critique ($0.015 CAD/word); Developmental Editing ($0.020 CAD/word); Line Editing ($0.027 CAD/word)

About: With ten years of experience, Allison specializes in developmental and line editing, with an eye for pacing, structure, tension, characterization, and worldbuilding. She edits sci-fi, fantasy, and nerdy nonfiction.

Credentials/Experience: English BA; certificate in Publishing from Toronto Metropolitan University; former editorial director at Mythos & Ink publishing; member of Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

Age Categories: MG, YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: High/epic fantasy, science fantasy, fairy tales, retellings, dystopian, mythological, hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, space opera

Amelia Winters Editing

Services: Developmental Editing ($750–$2500 CAD); Stylistic Editing ($0.04 CAD/word)

About: Amelia Winters is a professional fiction editor, language nerd, and story aficionado. By night, she chases stories and explores distant worlds through books, role-playing games, and sewing her own historical garments. By day, she journeys with authors to help them hone their story craft, elevate their voice, and polish their prose.

Credentials/Experience: BA in English; developmental courses at Queens University and through Liminal Pages; seven months as an editorial assistant; member of Editors Canada

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: Historical fantasy, high fantasy, low fantasy, fabulism/magic realism, steampunk, supernatural mystery

Black Wolf Editorial Services

Services: Manuscript assessment, developmental editing, substantive line editing, writing coaching (Contact for a quote)

About: Kiwi Judy L Mohr is developmental editor and writing coach, working with writers from around the world. Being a writer herself, she understands the struggles that writers go through while drafting their stories, struggling to get their voices heard. When editing, she focuses on the story itself and the reader experience. Working with Judy, you’ll gained the confidence to claim that title of writer and have a cheerleader in the corner who is just excited as you are when you take that next step.

Credentials/Experience: Nearly a decade of experience coaching new and early-career writers through programmes like the New Zealand Society of Authors mentorship programme. Certificate in Copyediting and Proofreading (OpenColleges Australia); member of Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA); professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd); also hold a PhD in astronomical instrumentation (pre-editing life)

Age Categories: YA, A

Favourite Genres: all subgenres of fantasy (high, low, sword-and-sorcery, dark, urban, etc.), dsytopian, near-future, alternate history, eco-thriller, sci-fi thriller, soft sci-fi, hard sci-fi

Book Realm Revisions

Services: Manuscript Critique; Developmental Edit; Line Edit; Copy Edit (Contact for a quote)

About: Heather is a lifelong bibliophile. When she’s not reading or editing, she is an avid gamer and gardener. She specializes in polishing projects that you have taken as far as you can with your current toolkit. She is your partner and catalyst for transforming your story through creative collaboration and a transparent editing process, all the while striving for editorial excellence.

Credentials/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Business from Oakland University, MI; five years as a Technical Editor; Poynter Aces Certificate in Editing; EFA editing courses

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: Steampunk, space opera, post-apocalyptic, romance, high fantasy, low fantasy,  fable/fairy tale retellings, medieval, magical realism,  horror

Catherine Dunn

Services: Developmental Editing (£0.015–£0.02/word); Copy Editing (~£0.012/word); Proofreading (~£0.01/word)

About: Catherine is a specialist in fiction editing for self-publishing authors. “Clarity, communication and consistency” is her motto. Her aim is to help you get your voice heard and understood while preserving your unique style. No job is too odd!

Credentials/Experience: Fine Art BA (Hons) from Loughborough University; Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading; taken various courses and tests, including CIEP’s editorial test with a mark of 95%.

Age Categories: YA, A

Favourite Genres: Urban fantasy, horror, spec fic, LGBTQ+

Dragon Editing Services

Services: Manuscript Evaluation; Copyediting; Proofreading (Contact for a quote); Query ($40 onetime pass/$100 three+ time pass); Synopsis ($50)

About: Robin is a passionate freelance editor who loves helping stories grow into the books writers have always dreamed of. She not only loves editing but also loves building long-lasting relationships with writers. She is the editor of award-winning indie novels and even more fantastic stories. When she’s not writing or editing, you can usually find her playing a video game or hanging out with her puppies.

Credentials/Experience: BA in English with a concentration in creative writing; three editing certificates (Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing, University of California San Diego Extension Copyediting Certificate, and In-Depth Editing Certificate); member of ACES: The Society for Editing, the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP), Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), and LGBTQ+ Editors Association.

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: LBGTQIA+ (especially anything acespec), disability/mental health, lit RPG, dystopian/apocalyptic, all the subgenres for fantasy (high, epic, low, contemporary, urban, dark, etc.), soft sci-fi, folklore/mythology

Gecko Edit

Services: Line Editing; Copy Editing; Proofreading (Contact for a quote)

About: Katherine Kirk helps writers to clear the errors from their prose so that their message is clear of ambiguity and their books exceed their readers’ expectations. Her goal is to be the bridge between author and readers, so that your readers can enjoy the story the way you intended them to.

Credentials/Experience: BA English Literature and Philosophy from Rhodes University; PGCE in Teaching English; successfully completed all three Proofreading courses offered by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) as well as numerous other courses through the CIEP, the Publishing Training Centre, Editorial Freelancers Association, and the American Copy Editors Society.

Age Categories: NA, A

Favourite Genres: Space opera, high fantasy, urban fantasy, gothic horror, steampunk, cosy sci-fi, hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi

In the Margins

Services: Developmental Editing ($0.035 USD/word); One-on-One Workshopping ($85-$125 USD/session)

About: Kayleigh is a developmental editor, a writer, and a whole mix of other things. Collaboration and communication are key to her editing relationships. She provides honest, detailed feedback and has a coach-like communication style.

Credentials/Experience: MFA in Writing from the University of New Hampshire; MA in English from Salem State University; worked on several small literary magazines; edited in-progress books and career materials.

Age Categories: PB, MG, YA, A

Favourite Genres: Low fantasy, high fantasy, soft sci-fi, dystopian, parallel worlds, folklore and mythology retellings, horror (MG only)

Jeni Chappelle Editorial

Services: Manuscript Critique ($0.02/word); Query Package Critique ($350); Developmental Edit ($0.03/word); Copy Editing ($0.015/word); Copy Editing Plus ($0.02/word)

About: Jeni Chappelle an independent book editor with more than twelve years of editing experience and a lifetime of word nerdiness. In her editing, she uses her own internal conflict between logic and creativity to help authors shape their stories and bring their books out into the world.

Credentials/Experience: 12 years editing experience; member of Editorial Freelancers Association, ACES, and AWP; co-founder of Revise & Resub (#RevPit); has worked with thousands of authors from all over the world, including bestselling and award-winning authors.

Age Categories: upper MG, YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: science fantasy, gothic, soft sci-fi, urban fantasy, historical fantasy, gaslamp fantasy, dark fantasy, sword & sorcery, horror, romance

Jennifer Dinsmore Editorial

Services: Basic Copy Editing ($0.025 CAD/word); Full Copy Editing ($0.035 CAD/word); Basic Proofreading ($0.015 CAD/word); Full Proofreading ($0.025 CAD/word)

About: Jennifer is one of those dedicated readers who love stories but will always notice typos, grammatical errors, unintentional changes of the main character’s hair colour, or inconsistent use of em dashes. It turns out, she was made to be an editor.

Credentials/Experience: BA (Hons.) in English Language & Literature from Trent University; certificate in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College; certification as a Professional Proofreader from Editors Canada; over a decade of in-house experience in various editorial roles; helped over ninety individual authors.

Age Categories: YA, A

Favourite Genres: High fantasy, magical realism, fairytale/myth retellings

K. Neufeld Editing

Services: Substantive Editing; Copy Editing; Proofreading (Contact for quote)

About: Kyla Neufeld is a poet, writer, and editor. She’s an unabashed geek interested in fantasy literature, mythology, and the intersections of feminism and fandom. She also has an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Winnipeg.

Credentials/Experience: Former editor of Rupert’s Land News; former managing editor of Geez Magazine; copy editor for Rhubarb Magazine and Mennonite Church Canada; copy editor for Mythos & Ink publishing.

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: Mythology retellings, high/epic fantasy, fairy tales, sci-fi with monsters

K.N. Editorial

Services: Manuscript Evaluation (£7/1000 words); Developmental Editing (£30–£40/1000 words); Line & Copy Editing (£15– £25/1000 words); Copy Editing (£12.50–£18.75/1000 words); Proofreading (£7–£12.50/1000 words); Graphic Novel Proofreading (£3–£6/page)

About: Kate is based in London, but works with clients all over the world—and she edits in UK, US, and Canadian English. She may be the right editor for you if you want someone who will make sure your vision is clear to the reader, if you believe that sometimes rules are made to be broken, if you want encouragement, not just criticism. When she’s not editing, she’s reading, writing, watching Netflix, playing on her PS5 (Skyrim, again?!), or scheming on behalf of her D&D characters.

Credentials/Experience: Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) and the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

Age Categories: MG, YA, A

Favourite Genres: Fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, dystopian

Kim's Editing Solutions

Services: Line/Copy Editing; Proofreading (contact for a quote)

About: Kim mainly works with Australian and British English authors but has done a number of US English projects. She focuses on line/copy editing but often finds an annotated manuscript appraisal (with Zoom discussions) can be beneficial if your MS is not quite ready for that final edit. She works collaboratively with authors and keeps them regularly updated on progress. Maintaining author voice is key and she is not a prescriptivist editor.

Credentials/Experience: BA in Communications, Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing; professional member of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)

Age Categories: MG, YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: humorous sci- fi, humorous fantasy, cli-fi, YA fantasy, urban fantasy, space adventure

Liminal Pages

Services: Manuscript Critique; Developmental Editing; Line and Copy Editing; Proofreading (contact for a quote)

About: As an independent professional editor, Sophie is able to provide you with a fresh, objective perspective to help you get your writing to where you want it to be. Since starting her editing business in 2011, she’s worked with hundreds of authors and trained hundreds of editors. She’s a woman of simple pleasures – food, films, books and nature.

Credentials/Experience: MA in Creative Writing; BA in English Literature with Creative Writing; BTEC in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector; started her career at a small wildlife publishing house in 2009; was an editorial assistant at Pearson Education; taken courses at EFA, Editors’ Academy, and more

Age Categories: YA, NA, A (for developmental editing, she only works with Adult)

Favourite Genres: speculative fiction, magical realism, post-apocalypse, dystopian, low fantasy

Looseleaf Editorial & Production

Services: Editing (manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading) and design/layout (print interior layouts, ebook design, some cover design). Visit for current pricing.

About: Kristy S. Gilbert, Looseleaf’s executive editor, is a science fiction and fantasy editor and book designer with a soft spot for folklore and fairy tales. She loves finding ways to make the best parts of a manuscript shine and creating a beautiful reading experience for each writer’s audience. When she isn’t working with books, she’s probably napping in her hammock, gaming with her family, or playing roller derby.

Credentials/Experience: Kristy has worked for over 12 years as a professional editor and was the 2021 Utah Editor of the Year (chosen by the League of Utah Writers). She is the editorial director for Dragonsteel Entertainment and has both a BA in English (minor in editing) and an MA in English (emphasizing folklore). She wrote Visual Grammar: Design Foundations for Editors, published by the Editorial Freelancers Association, and taught university-level editing and publishing courses for five years.

Age Categories: MG, YA, A

Favourite Genres: Epic fantasy, fairy-tale retellings (or stories with fairy-tale vibes), historical fantasy, mythological, whatever This Is How You Lose the Time War is.

Louis Greenberg

Services: Copy Editing; Proofreading (contact for a quote)

About: With over twenty-five years of professional wordworking experience in commercial and educational publishing and retail marketing, Louis is a copyeditor and proofreader with a laser eye for detail. He was a bookseller and book marketer for several years and has a Master’s degree in vampire fiction and a doctorate in post-religious apocalyptic fiction. Beyond wordworking, he is a fan of art, food, puzzles, sport and games, music, photography and travel. He was born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa, and lives in Warwickshire, England.

Credentials/Experience: Has edited for Random House, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, and others; Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP); creative writing tutor at Oxford University; was a commissioning editor at Random House South Africa; has led novel-writing and copy editing courses at the SA Writers College and for the Professional Editors’ Guild

Age Categories: MG, YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: psychological horror, fairytale and occult horror, gothic, near-future and alternative history, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, slipstream, weird

Maria Tureaud Editorial

Services: Critiques ($30–$180 USD); Full Manuscript Critique ($13 USD/1000words); Developmental Edit ($21 USD/1000 words); Copy Editing ($15 USD/1000 words); Dev + Copy Edit ($34 USD/1000 words); Line Edit (Contact); Reread Report ($5 USD/1000 words); Proofreading ($12 USD/1000 words)

About: Maria specializes in characterization, internal/external conflict, deep POV, show versus tell, and voice, and she loves to help writers balance craft with creativity in order to produce the best possible product. When she’s not writing books or sprinkling magic into client manuscripts, you can find her drinking tea in New Jersey with her husband and son as she dreams of moving home to her beloved County Clare.

Credentials/Experience: Developmental editor for 14 years; serves on the Revise and Resub board; copy editor at Macmillan; member of EFA

Age Categories: MG, YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: Horror, low fantasy, contemporary fantasy, space opera, low sci-fi, fantasy in general, steampunk, dystopia, science fantasy

Megan Records Editorial

Services: Submission Package Critique ($175); Manuscript Critique ($0.011/word); Developmental Edit ($0.018/word); Line/Copy Edit ($0.018/word); Re-Reads ($0.005/word); Book Chat ($30/30 mins)

About: Megan will help you whip your manuscript into shape while staying true to your story and respecting your voice. She knows how to help you hit your target market and genre. She’ll point out what you’re doing right and make suggestions for improving what’s not working.

Credentials/Experience: 15 years experience, including 5 at an NYC publisher; experience with both debut and NYT bestselling authors; Revpit editor

Age Categories: YA, A

Favourite Genres: Urban fantasy, fairytale retellings, steampunk, gaslight fantasy, paranormal romance, dystopian, portal/crossworld fantasy, romantasy, historical fantasy

Next Chapter Editorial

Services: Query Critique ($150); Submission Package ($500); Editorial Assessment (Email for quote); Developmental Edit (Email for quote)

About: Sarah LaPolla ia an editor, writer, former literary agent, and overall bookish person. She focuses on big picture and developmental edits for writers at all stages. She offers a collaborative experience with the goal of teaching skills an author can take with them after your work together is finished.

Credentials/Experience: Former literary agent; MFA in Creative Writing from The New School.

Age Categories: YA, A

Favourite Genres: Science fiction, horror, magical realism, paranormal, urban/low fantasy

Plume Editorial

Services: Manuscript assessment ($0.015); developmental editing ($0.035–$0.05); book and story coaching

About: Sarah is a developmental editor and book coach and works with writers from all over the world. As a creative person and fiction writer herself, she can brainstorm ideas and offer imaginative suggestions to plot holes, helping you overcome writer’s block at every stage of content development. She is great with story structure, flow, pacing, characterization, show & tell, and story development, amongst other things.

Credentials/Experience: Developmental editing training (EFA, Club Ed); two years’ experience at an IBPA-recognized hybrid publishing house (US); over a decade of experience in content creation in the media industry (UK); available on Reedsy; master’s degree in Communications.

Age Categories: YA, NA, A (Specialty: YA)

Favourite Genres: High fantasy, mythology retellings, fairy tales, urban/low fantasy, paranormal romance, and most subgenres of fantasy

Rabbit with a Red Pen

Services: Line and Copy Editing ($0.03 USD/word); Proofreading ($0.015 USD/word); Authenticity Reading (contact for quote); Conscious Language Assessment (contact for quote)

About: Crystal is an editor and authenticity reader who works with self-publishing authors and traditional publishers. She believes that language should be used with intention and that words have the ability to liberate or to oppress. She’s proud to push for writing and representation that is more equitable, intentional, and just. When she’s not working with words, she’s probably swearing at a video game, watching a Korean drama, or eating all the things.

Credentials/Experience: Serves on the board of ACES: The Society for Editing; an instructor for the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

Age Categories: PB, MG, YA, NA, A (YA is her favourite)

Favourite Genres: Space opera, high fantasy

Rachel Rowlands

Services: Manuscript Assessment; Copy and Line Editing; Proofreading (contact for a quote)

About: Rachel is an editor and an author. She’s worked with major publishers and loves working with writers one-on-one, too. Her approach is to be honest but kind and support you as much as possible. She lives in North West England with her husband and their two cats. When she’s not writing or editing, she’s usually playing video games or posting too much on Instagram.

Credentials/Experience: Degree in English and Creative Writing; clients have included Hachette, HarperCollins, and Penguin Random House; editor and literary consultant for Writers & Artists, run by Bloomsbury; has worked on around two hundred books to date, including Amazon and New York Times bestsellers

Age Categories: MG, YA, A

Favourite Genres: fantasy romance, dystopian, high fantasy, contemporary fantasy, paranormal, portal fantasy

Raquel Brown Editing Services

Services: Beta Reading; Manuscript Critique; Developmental Editing; Line Editing; Copy Editing; Proofreading; Query / Synopsis Review (contact for a quote)

About: Raquel is a full-time fiction editor. She’s worked with traditional publishers in the US, international publishers, and indie authors pursuing self-publishing. She enjoys supporting stories from uncommon or marginalized perspectives; so if you’ve been worried about working with an editor because someone said your story is unrelatable, or weird, or the genre isn’t clear—fear not! You’ve come to the right place.

Credentials/Experience: Certificate in Editing, University of Chicago; ACES Certificate in Editing; part of the copy editing team for Strange Horizons; serves on the board of directors for the San Diego Professional Editors Network; member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, ACES: The Society for Editing, and the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals.

Age Categories: MG, YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: Horror SFF, medieval fantasy, paranormal romance, steampunk, anything with AI or aliens

Rascon Revisions

Services: Critiques ($35–$425); Manuscript Evaluation ($0.012–$0.02/word); Developmental Edit ($0.016–$0.04/word); Line Edit ($0.028/word); Copy Edit ($0.02/word)

About: Michelle is a lifelong bookworm and a freelance fiction editor. Her services focus on content, style, and technical edits, allowing her to sharpen the words of your story. She values mutual, open communication, responsiveness, and respect.

Credentials/Experience: Over seven years of experience working with successful self-publishing and querying authors; member of EFA, ACES: The Society for Editing; volunteer editor for Revise & Resub

Age Categories: MG, YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: aliens, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, climate fiction, cyberpunk, dystopia, steampunk, low fantasy, romance, horror

Richelle Braswell Comprehensive Editing

Services: Outline Critique ($50/hour); Manuscript Evaluation ($15/1,000 words); Developmental Edit ($30-$40/1,000 words); Line Edit ($20-$30/1,000 words); Copyedit ($20-$30/1,000 words); Proofread ($10-$20/1,000 words)

About: Richelle strives to coax an author’s novel, whether with its content or grammar, to a place where it will shine. Two of her core values are honesty and open communication. She advocates for the author’s vision, the story, and the readers.

Credentials/Experience: Bachelor of Arts in English from Stetson University; publishing certificate from the University of Denver Publishing Institute (DPI); member of Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA); member of ACES: The Society for Editing

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy, high fantasy, fairy tales, fantasy mystery

Rookwood Editing

Services: Beta Reading ($0.01 CAD/word); Developmental Editing ($0.04 CAD/word); Stylistic Editing ($0.035 CAD/word); Copy Editing ($0.03 CAD/word)

About: Molly Rookwood is an editor, choir singer, writer, Jewish community member, and D&D player based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She’ll work with you to add tension to your conflicts, clear away unneeded adverbs, rectify dangling modifiers, and tune the language so that your characters, message, and authorial voice shine through. 

Credentials/Experience: Honours degree in English and Early Modern Studies; Certificate in Publishing from Toronto Metropolitan Unviersity; training at The Editing Company in Toronto; co-chair of Editors Atlantic; volunteer and member of ACES and Editors Canada.

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: High fantasy, fantasy romance, space opera

Rooted in Writing

Services: Manuscript Assessment; Developmental Edit; Line Edit; Copy Edit; Proofread (contact for a quote)

About: As an editor, Amber cares deeply about bringing each story up to its full potential. As a writer, she’s interested in all the nuances of story creation and construction. She decided to bring these two passions together, offering her curiosity, love of learning, and sharp editorial eye at your feet. Together with her team of kindred spirit editors, they’ll dig deep and edit at the root of your novel so your stories can flourish season after season.

Credentials/Experience: BA in creative writing; certificates in French and linguistics; co-chair of the North Texas chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA); teaches workshops on writing and editing; worked for major and indie publishers

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: high fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, grimdark fantasy, horror, space opera, portal fantasy, military science fiction, dystopian/apocalyptic, fairytale retellings

Samantha Zaboski Editorial

Services: Developmental Editing ($0.018/word); Line Editing ($0.028/word); Copy Editing ($0.018/word); Beta Reading ($4/1000 words); Query Letter Critique ($90); Query Letter and Sample Pages Critique ($180)

About: With eight years of experience in the publishing industry, six years of manuscript editing experience, and four years of literary agency experience, Samantha has a keen eye for structural and line-level details, as well as firsthand knowledge of the publishing process from securing an agent to hitting bookstore shelves. She works with authors seeking to self-publish, preparing to query agents, or planning to submit to publishers.

Credentials/Experience: MA in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College; four years as a reader for Lana Popović Harper; six years working for the University Press of Florida; book reviewer at Shelf Awareness

Age Categories: YA, A

Favourite Genres: general speculative fiction/fabulism, space opera/space exploration/terraforming, soft science, slipstream, contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy

Sarah Chorn Editing

Services: Feedback (not an edit) on first fifty pages ($100); One-on-One Session ($40/hour); Line, Dev, and Copy Edit ($0.01/word); Proofreading ($0.008/word)

About: Sarah is a published author and editor, a semi-pro nature photographer, world traveler, three-time cancer survivor, and mom to two kids. She has been a developmental editor since 2017, with numerous award-winning titles under her belt (SBFBO finalists). She has a photographer’s eye for detail, and an author and book critic’s inside perspective of not only story but how the industry operates.

Credentials/Experience: Staff editor of Grimdark Magazine; respected book critic since 2010 (Bookworm Blues)  

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: Grimdark, dark fantasy

Tania Charles

Services: Proofreading (contact for a quote)

About: If you’re looking for a stress-free and high-quality service, Tania can help you give your edited book project a professional finish so that it’s ready to be released into the world. She started her proofreading business in 2018 and to date has proofread over seventy books. Recent clients include Joffe Books, Papillote Press and Troubador Publishing. When she’s not proofreading, she loves yoga, travel, reading short fiction and flash non-fiction, and exploring the craft of writing short stories.

Credentials/Experience: BA (Hons) Humanities with English Language 2:1; Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP); Trained with The Publishing Training Centre and attained Distinction for its Basic Proofreading by Distance Learning course; has proofread over seventy books

Age Categories: MG, YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: contemporary fantasy, historical fantasy, magical realism, mythic fiction, urban fantasy; post-apocalyptic

The Crafty Fox

Services: Developmental Editing ($0.03 USD/word); Line Editing ($0.04 USD/word); Copy Editing ($0.02 USD/word)

About: Leah is a speculative fiction author and a freelance fantasy editor. She keeps her editing skills up to date by taking classes from the Editorial Freelancers Association and Jane Friedman. She edits novel-length works and short stories.

Credentials/Experience: MFA in Creative Writing; publishing certificate from Denver Publishing Institute; member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and ACES: The Society for Editing

Age Categories: NA, A

Favourite Genres: soft sci-fi, dark fantasy, horror, superhero

The Narrative Craft

Services: Manuscript Assessment ($10–$20/1000 words); Developmental Editing ($45/1000 words); Line Editing ($30/1000 words); Copy Editing ($25/1000 words)

About: Dr Andrew Hodges is a developmental editor and line editor. His expertise is in setting and worldbuilding, and in cultural, social, and political considerations when crafting stories. During his eclectic studies, he attended courses on topics ranging from special relativity and general relativity to culture and representation, which means he is equally comfortable with hard and soft science fiction. In his free time he enjoys yoga, cycling, gentle hiking, archery, geocaching and foraging in the national parks of Scotland.

Credentials/Experience: PhD in social anthropology; Master’s in the history of science; degree in natural sciences; completed editorial training with the EFA, CIEP, PTC, and Club Ed; Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)

Age Categories: YA, NA, A

Favourite Genres: space opera, social/soft SF, dystopian, cyberpunk, epic fantasy, portal fantasy, paranormal, hopepunk

Toby Selwyn Editorial Services

Services: Line and Copy Editing; Proofreading (contact for a quote)

About: Toby Selwyn is a fiction editor with more than a decade of experience in the publishing industry. He lives near Birmingham, UK, with his husband and their hyperactive Labradors, and he balances the inner bookworm with dog walking all around the British countryside, a fair bit of gaming, and an ever-increasing collection of houseplants.

Credentials/Experience: Studied Modern Languages & Literature at Oxford University; was a Managing Editor at Taylor & Francis; has worked for publishers including Pan Macmillan, Black Library, Skyhorse Publishing, New Terrain Press, and Vulpine Press; Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP); General Member of the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals

Age Categories: NA, A

Favourite Genres: high/epic fantasy, low fantasy, urban fantasy, anything with LGBTQ+ elements, romantic fantasy (particularly LGBTQ+), horror, dystopian

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