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How to Get Started with Scrivener

And My Top 5 Tools

Hi, writers!

I was chatting with some of the lovely folks on The Worldbuilder’s Tavern Discord server* about how much I love Scrivener, and several writers said they’d heard it was really good but were intimidated to learn it. I understand, because Scrivener can do a lot and that can be overwhelming.

So I made a tutorial. I’ll show you how to get started, Scrivener’s basic functions, how I personally set up my Scrivener documents, and my five favourite tools. Click the video above to check it out. I hope it's helpful!

*The Worldbuilder’s Tavern is a podcast I co-host. Listen in and join the Discord server here.


The book cover of Making Myths and Magic: A Field Guide to Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels.


Allison Alexander is a writer and editor specializing in sci-fi, fantasy, and nerdy nonfiction. You can find her playing D&D, chasing otter penguins off the Normandy, or co-hosting The World-builder’s Tavern, a podcast for speculative fiction writers.

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